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What's Happening in class!

Advanced Drama:

Fine Arts Fall Festival

You Can't Take It With You

Shakespeare Competition

Getting ready for Festival Season

Beginning Drama:

Body Movement and Pantomime

Fine Arts Fall Festival

Vocal Variations, Storytelling

and Monologues and character studies!

International Thespian Society

Act well your part; there all the honor lies. - Alexander Pope

Best Thespian

Each year the senior theatre student with the most accumulated Thespian points earns the honor of "Best Thespian." The International Thespian Society honors excellence in Theatre Arts at the secondary school level. Each "point" is equal to 10 hours of excellent theatre work. Students earn points in various categories: Performance, Technical Theatre, Business of Theatre, Council.

Best Thespians

2018-2019                             James Steele

2017-2018                              Hope Miller

2016-2017                             Peyton Hill

2015-2016                          Jarrett Guthrie

2014-2015                    Marisa Shlichtman

2013-2014                              Dakota Hill

2012-2013               Lindsey Ann Eubanks

2011-2012                                 Capra Flak

2010-2011                    Leslie Jane Eubanks

                                           Billy Minor

2009-2010                       Sarah Ann Nguyen

2008-2009                                   Shelby Hall

                                              Brandon Stevens

2007-2008                                  Justin Hogate

2006-2007                                       Gavin Hall

2005-2006                              Danielle Trondle

2004-2005                                 Karma Manley

2003-2004                            Jonathon Kolbush

2002-2003                                    Terry Manley

2001-2002                                   Megan Henke

Trick or Treat So Kids Can Eat Canned Food Drive

Last year the International Thespian Society raised 420,000 pounds of food nationwide.

Join us in helping our local food bank, because "hunger is a very scary thing."

October 21-31, 2020 Our goal is 1000 pounds!

October 26-30, 2015 We raised 800 pounds!

October 25- Nov. 2, 2014 We raised 1175 pounds!

October 21-31, 2013 Our goal is 2000 cans!!

October 24-31, 2012                             We raised 850 pounds in 2012!

Next Induction Ceremony : June 12, 2017

You can become a member of the International Thespian Society by earning points when you complete "excellent" theatre in at least two categories at Pacifica High School

Pacifica Thespians Troupe 6546

Inducted Thespians:

Constitution and By-laws

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