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What's Happening in class!

Advanced Drama:

Fine Arts Fall Festival

Shakespeare Competition

Getting ready for Festival Season

Beginning Drama:

Body Movement and Pantomime

Fine Arts Fall Festival

Vocal Variations, Storytelling

and Monologues and character studies!

Musical Theatre Auditions:


Musical Rehearsal Schedule

To Be Determined! Stay tuned

Rehearsals will vary from 3:30- 5:30 2-3 days Monday - Friday. The schedule will be built around students' availability. We want as many students in the show as possible.There will be a couple of Saturday rehearsals if needed. There will be one all day Saturday tech rehearsal two weeks before the show for the stage manager, assistant director, and light and sound operators. The actual time will be determined the week before. Join US!!

Show Week: Monday will be final tech from 3:30 to approximately 9:00 PM at PHS. Tuesday and Wednesday are Dress Rehearsals. Everyone must be in attendance and in costume! Thursday-Saturday, call time for cast and crew will be 1:30 on Thursday and 5:30 Friday and Saturday night. The cast and crew are free to leave as soon as they have finished their post-show responsibilities (i.e. clean the dressing room, put away microphones, hang up costume, reset the stage for the next night.)


Auditions at Pacifica can be very competitive. We cast students who do the best on the day of auditions. Not every show has roles that fit every student. Students my audition really well but are not cast (as a lead for example) because they are not right for the role. Putting together the cast/crew for a musical is a complex puzzle. We have to fit the pieces together in a way that will help all of the students shine in each particular production. Sometimes you will get the lead, sometimes you are in the ensemble, sometimes you are on a crew, and sometimes you don't make the show.

This can be difficult to understand for students and parents. It is the worst part of a theatre teacher's job. Casting students is exciting, but cutting kids is painful for everyone. Unfortunately, dealing with rejection is part of theatre. If you want to be involved in Pacifica Theatre, you need to be excited to auditions for any role, and be willing to be a part of the crew.

Learning how to endure the rejection, continuing to work, and coming back to audition are the ways to succeed in theatre and in life!!

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